Hi Bev,

I need to thank you, from a breeder to a breeder.

All but one of the puppies are in their forever homes and I wanted to pass on the thanks I'm getting about how well -forward, quick learning the puppies are:

A massive big thank you would be a great start but still searching for words that could mean allot more than that.

Borris is an absolute blessing. No need for potty training he goes out by himself, has a good appetite.... woke me at 4 to go for a wee and crawled back in and is still asleep.

NO one can believe that 8/9 week puppies can do it straight -away and I am not sure that I can - but all have reported, so far, that their puppy trots to the door and asks to go out when they want to pee/poo. Before I came across your guide - and I had Googled "a dog at 8 weeks! - I didn't think puppies could be trained so early - and although the first days of big piles of slightly -soiled towels to wash from the bedroom zone were a bit frantic, It sure made life so much easier in the latter weeks.

And having prepared the puppies so well for such an important a spect of their lives with humans would have been worth twice the trouble.

So thank you from all of us

:) Janet

Aug 2013

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