Bill and Joan

Joan and I had been considering a dog for several years and after extensive research we decided to explore the possibilities of having a Havanese take over our lives.

This eventually led us to Bev Dorma and Misty Trails.

The way in which Bev breeds and raises her Havanese pups is remarkable. Her breeding program and rearing techniques are outstanding. Our puppy, Jenny, was raised in Bev's kitchen, paper trained and virtually crate trained the day we took her home. Jenny was accustomed to being around other dogs, adults, children and cats.

Our Havanese is a wonderful, intelligent animal with a great disposition. She is inquisitive and not it the least bit skittish o r fearful. She is great with people and other dogs and has been a joy to be around since day one. Separation anxiety is not in our dog's vocabulary. Jenny was to California at the age of four months and was never a problem. She loves being in cars, trucks, sailboats, power boats, on docks and wharfs and walking trails where we meet adults, kids, dogs and horses, and in a host of other environments too long to list.

Jenny is bright eyed, healthy and strong. She is also incredibly cute. We know because people tell us every day.

While our dog's many positive attributes are part of the characteristics of the breed, we are convinced that Bev's breeding and rearing techniques have a lot to do with how well her Havanese dogs learn and adapt as they grow up in a new environment. On our twice daily walks we often run into fellow ' Havanese people'. All are happy with their choice of breed. Several have dealt with Bev and all sing her praises.

In closing, we must simply say that if you are looking for a small dog that is great fun to have around and train, we could not recommend the Havanese more highly AND if you decide on this breed, get in touch with Bev Dorma. There is no way you will be disappointed.

Bill and Joan
July 21, 2013

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