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Prior to actively searching for a companion dog for myself, I did extensive library and internet research in order to choose the breed that was the best match for my lifestyle and living situation, and also to find a reputable breeder, someone whose integrity, knowledge and professionalism I could trust. Even if it entailed traveling some distance, I was willing to do that in order to find the right dog and the right breeder. Ultimately I decided on the Havanese breed. I explored a number of breeders’ websites, wrote many emails and made a number of phone calls. My search came to a happy ending when finally I spoke with Bev Dorma at Misty Trails Havanese and she placed little Catreeya, who recently retired from the Misty Trails breeding program, with me.

Misty Trails Havanese
You will find a wealth of helpful information on Bev’s Elite Havanese website - both autobiographical and breed - related. As soon as I looked thru the Misty Trails Havanese portion of the website, I knew I’d discovered a goldmine. The website is filled with photos of her dogs, past and present - Boys , Girls , Puppies and Retired Dogs . Her breeding dogs and showdogs are given their own webpages, complete with photos, pedigrees and medical records. Separate from the website, she maintains a webpage with information about current litters and those planned for the future.

Misty Trails Havanese show dogs have earned and continue to earn honors in Canada, the US and internationally. For example, one of her dogs, Misty Trails Double Stuf’d Oreo, earned the honor of being #1 Havanese Female in Canada in both 2010 and 2011. She went on to win Best Havanese Female at the American Kennel Club/Eukanuba National Championship in Orlando, Florida . This earned her an invitation to the prestigious Westminster Dog Show in New York in early 2012, where she won Best of Breed.

Bev’s kitchen - raised puppies and retired dogs have been purchased by Havanese lovers and breeders not only in Canada and the US, but also in distant places such as Sweden, Hawaii, Chile, Dubai, Africa and Australia. She maintains strong and ongoing connections with many of the people who have purchased her dogs.

This little female Bev placed with me is a constant source of joy and love. She is physically and emotionally healthy and structurally sound. Catreeya is calm and confident, yet not aggressive. She is intelligent, always l earning new things, and always wants to please. Her “leash manners” are wonderful and she sleeps peacefully and well at night. She loves meeting new people and dogs. Everyone who meets Catreeya is delighted with her beautiful appearance, wonderful temperament and loving personality. Besides, she is loads of fun to be with! I couldn’t ask for a more affectionate and loyal little companion.

Catreeya has been with me for almost two years now and I’m pleased to report the following. First, Bev Dorma matched me with the perfect companion dog for my circumstances and lifestyle. Second, I have found the Havanese breed to be the perfect small breed for me. I can’t think of a more perfect small dog in terms of appearance, size, temperament and health.

Bev Dorma
The first thing that struck me when I met Bev was her love for the Havanese breed and especially for her own dogs and their puppies. She spends a lot of time giving her puppies early social stimulation, in order to socialize them before placing the m in homes. Bev impressed me with her superb knowledge of the breed and her dedication to maintaining the Havanese breed standard. In my ongoing contact with her, I have seen how much energy and enthusiasm she puts into her dogs and the breeding program at Misty Trails. I’ve had the opportunity to watch Bev assisting one of her dogs giving birth to a litter, I’ve seen how she cares for and raises puppies, I’ve directed several friends and acquaintances to her and have seen how pleased they are with the dogs they acquired, I’ve watched her professionalism and her devotion to her dogs and other’s dogs at dog shows, and I’ve seen her follow through again and again with ongoing support (with no time limit nor expiry date!!) for her clients and the dogs she ha s placed. Personally, even after nearly two years of owning Catreeya, I feel completely comfortable to phone or email Bev at any time for any reason, and to know she will be there to support my dog and me with whatever advice or information or help is needed. This includes opening her home for clients and dogs to visit her, as well as her ongoing involvement in the active Vancouver Island Havanese owners’ social/meetup group.

In my experience, Bev has demonstrated kindness, integrity and generosity, both as a person and a businesswoman. As well, she continues to demonstrate her tremendous love for her dogs and the breed in general, as well as her ongoing commitment to her clients, both past and present.

I heartily recommend the Havanese to anyone looking for a delightful small dog and I highly recommend Bev Dorma and Misty Trails Havanese .

Mr. S              Havanese Daddy

November 19, 2012

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