Pam Kutaka

It is with great pleasure that I speak to you about a woman named Bev Dorma.

The fact that I am raising, showing and breeding Havanese successfully is because I owe it all to this wonderful woman. She is the epitome of what it takes t o be a remarkable and ethical breeder and I am forever grateful to her.

Bev has been my mentor for years now. When I first started out with the Havanese breed, there were many breeders whom were not as ethical and trustworthy as I had hoped would be. And, instead of moving forward, I took quite a few steps backwards – until I met Bev. She turned everything around for me. Explained to me what I needed to do and set a path for me.

I have never looked back.

She has always been there to answer questions and to guide me . Always doing what is in the best interest of this breed and never once thinking about herself. I have never met anyone that would extend herself to others the way that she has.

Her door, phone and e-mail is always open to those in need of her assistance. She is one that you can rely on and she will always give you honest information and answers, even if it’s not what you want to hear. This is the makings of a true and trustworthy breeder.

I believe Bev Dorma would be an asset to you r organization. She brings to the table years of experience and a tremendous amount of valuable information.

Please feel free to contact me at any time if you wish .

With Warm Regards,

Pam Kutaka

Havanese In Paradise
(808) 722 - 1478

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