Sharon Maguire

I have known Bev Dorma for about 12 years now, since 1998. Out of all of the breeders I have known, I have never met one with as much knowledge of the Havanese breed and whelping puppies in general as herself. Bev is the type of breeder who, when adopting out a puppy to a family, is there for them for life. She deeply and genuinely cares about her dogs. She is always there to help them and answer any questions they may have.

Bev is known for also helping out fellow breeders in need of information in regards to the care of their puppies, dams and dogs in general, even helping out hands on if the person lives close enough. She has been able to sav e puppies and dams that other breeders surely would have lost due to lack of knowledge on the care of non - typical whelpings.

Bev is a valuable asset to the Havanese breed, trustworthy, genuine and generous.


Sharon Maguire (Dog Breed Information Center)

Written in 2010, approved to post Nov. 2012.

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