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We got our second havanese from MistyTrails. We are Very Happy. She is now a year old, and it is very obvious that she is a top quality and was very well raised and socialized . She is an adjusted happy lovable confident little girl. That loves everyone and everything.

Unfortunately our first experience with our havanese from a different BC breeder was not so pleasant for us. She was not as well bred , and developed luxating Patella’s within the first year costing us thousands of dollars to repair. We checked online to discover, that neither parents were certified with OFA for luxating patellas. W e were upset to discover tha t the breeder we purchased from told us that she health tests all her breeding dogs , but , what she didn’ t share with us, was whether they passed or failed. We did not know as purchasers, that you have to go deeper than a breeder just telling you, that they health test. Unfortunately our puppy did not thrive, and later she was discovered to have liver disease and she left us far too young. It was very sad for us, and for our little angel.

Besides referring MistyTrails & Bev Dorma, we would like to share our comparison and what we learned.

  • Quality: The quality of structure, coat , personality , overall health was very noticeable to us, and even our vet said , that our New Puppy was excellent, above average from his experience. Our 2nd breeder soaped down the puppies front legs, to show us they were straight, as our first puppy did have quite a bowed front, which had she lived to old age, our vet had warned us, that she would have arthritis issues.
  • Health: No where from our first breeder did we get copies of any health testing. Our 2nd puppy , we were able to go online , and see current testing for Heart, Patella’s, Cardiac and other tests, publicly online. Not only could we see the parents testing , but we could view siblings, grandparents etc.
  • Pedigree: Again from our first breeder , we have no idea if our puppy was inbred. Our 2nd puppy, we were able to view online, a 10 generation pedigree and explained how to read it.
  • Socializing: Our 2nd puppy was So much better adjusted. Bev raises her puppies in her Family Room - Kitchen, and they experience Life. Our first puppy we chose was running around the basement , running in their own feces. WE were told this was normal, as you cannot train them when they are in a litter. Much to our delight , our puppy came doggy door trained to potty outside, her feet were White and not pee stained, PLUS, she was crate trained , plus we didn’t have the separation anxiety. At doggy class she is at the top of the class. The instructor says she obviously got early social stimulation. She is not afraid of things like the Vacuum and everyday sounds , as she was not raised in a basement, alone, separated from life. We have had other dogs over the years , and this little girl is by far the best dog we have ever owned or met.
  • Clubs: If the breeder is a member of the CKC Canadian Kennel Club in good standing, it doesn’t mean they are a good breeder or have better dogs; It only means they pay their bill. Sadly we thought the CKC was the highest authority and a good reference , but we have since learned that in North America , breeding is not regulated, and members can inbreed , breed without health testing, and it is up to the purchaser to do the homework. Our first breed er was a member of 2 clubs, we thought that was a good reference. On doing further homework , we discovered that this club requires them to health test all their breeding dogs, BUT, sadly, they do not require them to share whether they pass of fail. If they fail, they can still breed them, and call it selective breeding. We feel this is very misleading, but the club says they cannot tell a breeder how to breed.
  • Vet: We never even thought to call our first breeders vet for a reference. Our 2nd puppy had open vet files. We were able to call the breeders vet , and our Vet even called the breeders Vet t o find out how this breeder breeds, and the quality of her breeding program , and any health problems. Bev’s vets gave her a wonderful referral.
  • Support: The support of the Elite havanese breeding team is incredible. They have 4 gatherings per year , where we have met other havanese owners, and shared ideas and brags. WE even share doggy daycare, and play dates . It is wonderful the support that we get from our breeder plus other havanese owners. WE can call Bev or one of her co - breeders or email any time, with any question, and we get advice or answers. WE have met several people with pups from Elite breeders and they all say the same thing. This is the best dog we have ever owned. Before taking our puppy , we were given a bathing demonstration, a grooming demo, and lots of good advice on training. Our puppy was house trained in a week. We may have had 2 accidents that were our fault. Plus she slept thought the night in her crate from the first night, with No howling, as Bev does crate introduction and separation from littermates, for a week or two, before they leave for a couple hours each day.
  • Visit: As soon as we got to Bev’s home, and met the parents of the puppies , and her other dogs, we felt this was going to be a positive visit. Unlike some of the other breeder homes we visited, her dogs were Very very social, and Not barking like crazy, and not fearful. It was calm and quiet, and relaxing. WE were welcomed into her home , and the Dam of the puppies actually urged us to come upstairs to see her puppies. She was a Proud mommy, not protective at all.

Because I have compared MistyTrails with another breeder I wish my identity not to be at the end of this email. I will sign this as a Satisfied Customer. If you get an Elite havanese, we may meet up at one of her 4 gatherings per year.

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