The Yule Family

This letter is written in recommendation of Misty Trails and Bev Dorma from whom we purchased our black Havanese puppy Kobi (born Coby/Cobalt). I cannot say enough about the experience.

Bringing a puppy into a home is a huge commitment and one my entire family was involved in. This was to be my daughter’s dog and after YEARS of pleading I began the process of researching the best possible match for our family. One major consideration for us was that our 10 year old daughter has allergies and finding the right dog (one she could live with) was most important. After lengthy research, we finally narrowed it down to a Havanese for a variety of reasons. Being a non-shedding dog and considered “hypoallergetic” the Havanese seemed ideal. Also, Havanese are noted for being wonderful with children and not skittish. They are small and playful, smart and trainable. Havanese are also absolutely gorgeous dogs! How could we resist?

I emailed Bev several months before we finally committed. Bev’s professionalism shone through right away. She wanted to know about our family, anything I could tell her. We emailed back and forth and when the time was right Bev told me of a puppy she thought would be perfect for us. When we arrived at Misty Trails there were several puppies to see. Through our time with the pups there were two, including Kobi, that were immediately available. How to decide when they were both so amazing? Through her knowledge of dogs, her understanding of our lack of puppy/dog experience and our family dynamic Bev led us to Kobi explaining his nature and trainability as being great for us. Was she ever right!

To this day we look back at the other options we had and say we were so fortunate that Bev led us to Kobi. Now one year later, he is a beautiful, happy dog who loves being around people more than anything. Kobi is gentle and playful. He is the perfect mix for our family and particularly my daughter. Even as I write this letter, he sits at my feet, never out of sight.

I would recommend both a Havanese puppy and Misty Trails to anyone.

Yours truly, the Yule family

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