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We are a LARGE Group of Havanese Breeders, working together to eliminate puppy mills, One puppy at a time.

I am Bev Dorma, and I am privileged to be a stay at home Mom/Grandma, raising my family in the beautiful Shawnigan Lake, Cobble Hill area. I have been breeding Havanese for over 20 years, and before that Bloodhounds for Search and Rescue.  I Whelp puppies in our community for several other breeders & helping at the Vet offices has given me valuable experience.

I am author of many articles on www.dogbreedinfo.com

MistyTrails has Proudly received some of the Highest Honors:
Winning Westminster, the most prestigious dog show, in 2012 (Emily and Reo)
Winning Best Female at the Eukanuba USA Invitational.
Winning multiple Best in Specialty Shows at the National level and several toy Specialties
Winning approx 15 Best in Shows(5 in 2012)  and having the top male/female havanese in Canada for the past 6 years puts me in a very proud position, and has pushed me to breed better and better.

2017 MistyTrails is the breeder of the Jan. Feb. March Top Havanese in Canada

The above has also given me the privilege of understanding what the public wants. They want a WELL socialized-well adjusted, Well Raised, Well Bred for longevity, companion pet with minimal to no health issues, from a breeder that has high goals, is ETHICAL, fair, honest and approachable, and always there, even after they get their puppy for support. A breeder that welcomes them to visit puppies as often as they like and ask as many questions as they want.

I listen carefully to people, and try my best to match the perfect puppy with the family. Taking the personalities of both into consideration. I treat them as if they are family, (as they may be if they take one of my puppies), and the rest just happens.

About Elite Havanese

Elite Havanese, offering Companion Pets, Show Dogs, Stud service and Grooming.

Up until recently, Elite Havanese has been very limited in selling dogs to show homes, keeping the pick of the picks for our own breeding program, and trading with some of the top breeders worldwide. Trading our best, for their best. We are now in a position, after 21 years of selective breeding havanese, to confidently & proudly place some of our dogs in more approved show homes.

We have consecutively had the #1 male, &/or female in Canada, for multiple years now. When we place a dog with you for show, it will meet all requirements for the Show Standard, and will have soap down pictures as well. Elite Havanese has 10 breeders working for a common goal. (to produce the healthiest pups possible). WE Love selling our Show Quality pups, as spay/neuter companions to Pet homes as well. Our Dams are not over bred, and live in our homes. We do not hoard dogs, or have our breeding dogs living in Kennels.

Elite havanese has also been limiting putting boys up for Stud but as of January 2016, our boys will be up for Stud to Approved Dams and approved Breeders.

We are into our 7th generation, and have Conformation/Structure, Health, and Temperaments to a consistent level. We know what each boy is producing, and we have a much wider understanding of what is Behind and Beside each of our Guys and Gals. For more information on Stud Service, contact Bev.

Improving the Havanese breed is a labor of love for Bev Dorma and several others that we work closely with that are not on this site. (email me to ask why, as not everyone wants their home and life public)

We have more than 20 years of experience in breeding dogs. We have enjoyed the company of these enchanting canine companions, first as owners and fanciers, and then as responsible breeders and exhibitors. We have teamed together not only our knowledge, but our lines. We enjoy each others friendship, and mentoring. Elite Havanese specializes in combining top conforming World Champion lines and pedigrees. Our breeding program focuses on breeding from top Worldwide Champion lines, with multi-Championship lines from 7 countries. Our Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) registered Havanese puppies are raised with love in our homes, where our dogs are first-hand members of the family. Whether for pet or show, our extremely well socialized Havanese puppies are sure to win your heart, and make a loving addition to your home and family. (Warning:  They are addictive).

  •     We OFA health test ANNUALLY, not just at 1 year old, and results are posted public. Most of our breeding dogs have a web page, and ALL have an OFA page that lists their health  testing for your viewing.   It is important that ALL Breeding dogs are tested ANNUALLY for Patella's, Cardiac, and Eyes.
  •     Many breeders do not test annually, Every tested dog should have an OFA page, that shows his testing and the results, ie: http://www.offa.org/display.html?appnum=1379816#animal
  •     Dogs can acquire heart and patella issues as they get older, this simple annual test is free with your dogs annual check up, and Free to resubmit to the OFA for up to date certification.

Each breeding Dog has a Pedigree, you can view them on their personal pages. Breeding is done with a lot of thought and selectivity.  Calculating the COI  coifficient level of inbreeding.  (WE do NOT inbreed).  WE bring in top world lines,  to keep genetic diversity.

To be part of the Elite Team of Breeders:

  •     Your vet files must also be open to the public
  •     You must do Annual testing, + OFA Certify them and post them public
  •     You must supply pedigrees, that show no inbreeding
  •     You must disclose any health issues within our group immediately.
  •     Pups are not to leave your home until 8.5 to 9 weeks old, and have pre crate training, and be paper potty trained to a potty station. (not raised in a paper lined box)
  •     You MUST raise your pups in your main living area. They must have early social stimulation
  •     Pups are not to be raised in paper lined puppy pens, or rack pens, where they eat, sleep, pee, poop, and play all in the same area. This makes them hard to house train.
  •     Pups that leave are guaranteed, and come with 6 weeks of complimentary CKC pet insurance.

We are all members of the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) and all of our dogs, and puppies, are registered CKC.

Some are dual registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club) and all are eligible, for dual registration.


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